OPD in Aligarh

Dr. Goel is a specialist cancer surgeon and best surgical oncologist in Western UP and Noida. He is Director Surgical Oncology at Jaypee Hospital Noida. He is also available for consultation in Aligarh  on Second and Fourth Friday

Time – 12:00 to 02.00 PM
Place – Tyagi Surgical Center, ADA Colony, Avantika Phase I, Ramghat Road, Aligarh.
त्यागी सर्जिकल सेंटर, एडीए कॉलोनी, अवंतिका फेज I, रामघाट रोड, अलीगढ़

For Appointments in Aligarh please contact Mr Ram Prakash Mukhiya at +91 99979 12211