Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC

HIPEC Surgery involves delivering high doses of chemotherapy into the abdomen to treat cancer which has spread beyond the organ from which it originated however it is limited to within the abdominal cavity only. HIPEC surgery provides a more effective treatment option Abdominal cancers that spread to the lining of the abdominal cavity (PERITONUEM).

What are the benefits of HIPEC?

Because HIPEC can be directly to the site of tumors in the abdomen,  we can deliver higher concentration of chemotherapy into the abdomen more effectively and safely than standard intravenous chemotherapy. HIPEC has fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy The chemotherapy solution is able to better penetrate affected tissue & destroy microscopic cancer cells. In most cases HIPEC is used in combination with complete surgical removal of tumor (CRS). This results in better outcomes compared with surgery or chemotherapy alone.

How is HIPEC different from traditional chemotherapy?

HIPEC delivers a high dose of chemotherapy directly to cancer cells in the abdomen. Unlike traditional chemotherapy, which is given intravenously and circulated through bloodstream, much higher doses of chemotherapy can be given to kill cancer cells in a single treatment.

In HIPEC, chemotherapy is heated to 42 degrees Celsius and circulated in the abdominal cavity for 60-90 minutes depending on the site of disease. This helps the chemotherapy to kill cancer cells more effectively.


This innovative procedure can improve long-term outcomes and provide more treatment options for patients who have been diagnosed with inoperable or advanced stage cancer.

A 57 year old female was presented to Jaypee Hospital, Noida with
 **STAGE – III C* *Ovarian Cancer *. In view of her advance stage, doctors planned her treatment accordingly. Dr. Atul Sharma, Senior Consultant – Department of Medical Oncology started treatment with chemotherapy. After primary chemotherapy, Dr. Ashish Goel, Director and Dr. Vikash Nayak, Consultant – Department of Surgical Oncology did a *CYTOREDUCTIVE SURGERY* to remove all the affected parts, followed by a *HIPEC* therapy (in the operation theatre).  This offers best result in such advanced cases of ovarian cancer. After surgery she completed subsequent chemotherapy. Now patient is doing well. Happy patient and her daughter share their experience in this video.